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Five Against the World

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'Hunter, Hunted'Hunter, Hunted

GM Jordan & Mick Trimble

A soldier haunted by his past must survive his present to tackle a future threat.

Janson is not a hero; he is simply a man doing a job that needs to be done.

In the near future the U.N. have a new police force, known affectionately as Hunters, their role is to cross borders bringing to justice criminals once thought to be untouchable.

But what happens when the Hunter becomes the prey?




GM Jordan

An enigmatic character seen from across a crowded room; a mysterious and intriguing invitation; a leap of faith and trust which opens a whole new world of experiences.

Inspired by stunning real life events.





'Raggedy Man Tales'Raggedy Man Tales

GM Jordan

In the twilight world between childhood and becoming an adult lives the Raggedy Man, an often kindly spirit that appears to those that need him the most at times of peril or life changing decisions.

From the frozen lands in the north of Scandinavia to the heat of the tropics there are reports of a tall stranger aiding those children and special adults that need him.

This is the Raggedy Man and he may just come to you.




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