Raggedy Man

GM Jordan

GM Jordan is a Scottish writer now residing in Cheshire.

During the 1980s Jordan worked for various fanzines whilst completing his first book ‘3D’ (formerly ‘Into the Light’).  In the 1990s he added journalism and broadcasting to his impressive resume, he was one of the first writers to exclusively write material for the internet. Creating satirical websites targeting terrorism, local news and politics.

The book ‘Hunter, Hunted’ was created after Jordan met Ted Turner and Sumner Redstone.  The media moguls pointed out that ‘3D’ would be too controversial for American film audiences and that Jordan should try and create something less incendiary, ‘Hunter, Hunted’ looked at a scenario where the UK had been torn apart by civil war after Scottish independence is declared.
British publishers and producers refused to release the story, despite Ridley Scott describing the plot as ‘Die Hard meets Blade Runner’, it took progressive publishing house Markosia to produced a graphic novel based on the original film script in 2017. Mick Trimble (Bloodfellas) took on the art duties and Richmond Clements edited.

In the 2000s Jordan wrote a real life account of a love story based on the fringes of the fetish community, having achieved 158,000 downloads as an ebook ‘Swansong’ was released by Markosia in 2016 and is now available on all digital formats, as well as soft and hard cover print editions.  The sequels are currently in production and will be published in 2019/20.

In addition to launching the ‘Raggedy Man Tales’ book which has been published by Jordan-X Studios, Jordan is creating a whole host of steampunk graphic novels for Markosia. He continues to work with the Comic Book Alliance and helps new British writers and artists break into the sequential arts industry where possible.

You can order his work from markosia.com or online from Amazon.co.uk.