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By GM Jordan

Illustrated by:

Cornelia Abfalter, Amrit Birdi,

Al Davison, Mariela Malova, Matt Soffe & Simon Wyatt


‘Raggedy Man Tales’ is available to order direct from Jordan-X. Wholesale requests are open to Retailers, Schools & Libraries.

The book is primarily aged at the 6+ age range but the stories are enjoyed by readers of all ages with illustrations in a number of styles, from sketches to comic book panels. Our artists come from a wide selection of genres, paint to video games, folk art to comics. Each story has a unique art style that mirrors the subject matter.

GM Jordan is available for signing appearances, please contact the studio for available dates (please be aware that appearances may depend on location & availability).

For more information on placing orders, discounts & appearances please contact jordanxstudios@aol.co.uk



RAGGEDY MAN TALES. Published by GM Jordan (UK).

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For further information and permission contact: jordanxstudios@yahoo.co.uk